Laura’s Lean: Never Settle for Less

Laura Freeman founded Laura’s Lean Beef in 1985. During the early 1980’s, Cattle ranchers were going through some tough times with consumers shying away from beef due to concerns that it was high in fat and cholesterol – and Laura’s family farm was no exception to these tough times. Laura made the decision to leave her job as a journalist to come back home and take over her family’s farm as the 7th generation of family farmers.

During a routine doctor’s visit after having given birth to her daughter, Laura’s doctor recommended that she cut out red meat from her diet and eat poultry and fish. Laura knew that was not an option for her as a cattle farmer, but she also knew she was not the only one having to make this sacrifice. Laura set out to find a solution to allow health conscious consumers, like herself, to continue to eat beef in good conscience. Laura committed not only to raising beef that was lean, but also without the use of antibiotics or added growth hormones…EVER.

Laura’s Lean Beef grew to be the #1 selling natural beef in the U.S. during her time as President and CEO. She retired from the business in 2007 and sold her business to Bob Meyer, owner of Meyer Natural Foods, knowing that they both shared the same beliefs and values when it came to consistently providing the industry’s highest quality and best tasting products with a commitment to environmentally sound practices and personal integrity. Today, the Laura’s brand continues to flourish as the #1 selling and most recognized natural beef in the U.S.

Quality continues to be at the heart of everything we do. In a world which has seen the emergence of highly processed foods and junk food, we live and work guided by an alternate set of principles:

  • All Natural – We believe that it is best to raise cattle in the way that nature intended.

  • No Antibiotics – We believe in the maintaining the health of the heard and our animals are never administered antibiotics – EVER.

  • No Added Growth Hormones – We don’t believe in using hormones EVER to speed the growth of our cattle.

  • Vegetarian Fed – Cattle live in pastures and graze on grass and forages like clover and alfalfa and are provided grains as supplemental feed.

  • Sustainable Agriculture – We work to support the families and rural communities that raise and produce livestock for Laura’s, improve the environment through strategic partnerships and optimized product flow and continue to provide consumers with option for nutritious and safe natural and organic proteins.

    It may be surprising, but lean and extra lean beef are nutrient-rich sources of protein. Adding lean beef into meals is a quick and easy way to inject necessary protein in your diet, in a low-fat, heart-healthy way.

    Be sure to pick up some Laura’s Lean during your next trip to your local King Soopers or Kroger store!

    To learn more about Laura’s, find stores near you, as well as recipes using Laura’s products, visit our website

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