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Samia Gore

Samia Gore

CEO Body Complete RX, Author, and Healthy Lifestyle Advocate Samia Gore is a social media success story. After her initial online exploration to find resources where she could learn more about health and fitness, Samia realized there was an opportunity to build her own online community where she could share her journey with weight loss, plastic surgery, fitness and nutrition. Looking for healthier alternatives to help take her own fitness goals to the next level and to offer her growing followers a safe and effective solution to weight management, Samia created her own line of plant-based supplements BODY Complete RX. With her product launch, Samia was able to transform her social media platform to a full-blown body and weight management brand providing tools and tips for women while building a multimillion-dollar-business. Samia’s weight loss journey started with the pregnancy of her fourth child when she packed on an extra 80 pounds postpartum. After losing the additional weight, Samia opted to undergo a surgical “mommy makeover” procedure. However, she soon realized there weren’t many readily-available resources where she could access information on plastic surgery. Samia, who was working as a federal executive at the time, had no doubt this was the next step in her personal journey. Rejecting the public stigma surrounding cosmetic surgery (especially within the African American community), Samia created a go-to online platform exclusively dedicated to the do’s and don’ts of plastic surgery. Her social media audience quickly grew to over 145k followers. Her newfound voice and authority on plastic surgery lead to the publishing of Gore’s first book, Plastica, a step-by-step surgery guide aimed at answering the questions Gore was receiving daily from her followers. As a part of her continued health exploration, Gore began adding supplements into her wellness routine. As a busy wife and mother, Gore sought organic alternatives that could provide her with increased energy and curb unwanted hunger - all of which she shared with her loyal followers. As she documented what worked for her personally, a new venture arose – the creation of BODY Complete RX (BCRX). In just two years on the market, Samia has become one of the first African American female founders to break significant ground in this highlycompetitive, male-dominated industry. Following the success of BCRX, Samia recently launched her brand new athlesiure collection XTHLETICS, for women looking to look amazing while being active, in September 2019.

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Oct 11-13, 2019 @ Duke Energy Center